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Who's This?

Over a nearly 20-year career, Raf Anzovin has provided his unique blend of character animation, filmmaking, and technical skill for companies like EA, ReelFX, Arnold, and Lego. From 1999 to 2016, he also ran his own animation studio, Anzovin Studio.


Anzovin’s contributions to the art and science of CG character animation include development of The Setup Machine, a popular auto-rigging tool for Autodesk’s Maya animation software, and the upcoming Anzovin Rig Tools. He continues to explore new animation and rigging techniques on his blog, Just To Do Something Bad, currently focused on experimental "ephemeral" rigging techniques.


Anzovin lives and works in Florence, Massachusetts, more-or-less at the midpoint between Boston and New York. His massive, cliff-like shoulders make an excellent perch for small mammals.


I know all this...because I am Raf Anzovin.

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